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What is WebP format

Surely you began to notice that recently when saving images from websites, it often has a new strange format - .webp. And to open this picture is obtained only through the browser. What is this new format and why is it used instead of the usual jpg (jpeg), png and gif.

This format was developed by Google, and quite a while ago - in 2010, but only in 2018 it began to be widely used. Google is actively promoting WebP and at the moment it is supported by a very large number of browsers.

This format provides lossy and lossless image compression. WebP maintains the same quality with a smaller image size: with lossy compression, the size will be on average 30% smaller than in JPEG, and lossless on average 25% smaller than PNG.

WebP combines all the advantages of PNG, JPEG and GIF, supports transparency and animation. Also, according to some reports, Google gives preference to sites that use WebP. Switching to a new format can have a positive effect on the SEO of your website.

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What is JPG format

JPG is the most popular image format today. It was initially developed in 1987 by a group of joint photography experts. The official release took place a little later - in 1992. Please note that JPG and JPEG are different names for the same file extension.

JPEG is easy to use and convenient for various purposes. One of the advantages of the format is the ability to compress graphic files in a fairly wide range, which is achieved by setting the compression level.

JPG is not recommended for compressing drawings, text and character graphics. Since noticeable digital artifacts appear after compression. The disadvantage of the format is the lack of transparency support. There are many programs for viewing and editing JPEG images.

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WebP Advantages

  • WebP Compresses Lossless Images 26% Better Than PNG
  • WebP compresses lossy images better than JPEG by 25-34%
  • Combines all the benefits of PNG, JPEG and GIF, supports transparency and animation
  • WebP supports lossless transparency (known as alpha) with a size increase of only 22%

WebP Disadvantages

  • Not all browsers support the format
  • Pixel graphics may lose some colors
  • Lossy compression may look flat
  • People’s faces may look plastic or posterized with a low quality setting
  • To use on your site, you need to configure a fallback image

JPG Advantages

  • JPEG supports 24-bit RGB and CMYK color spaces
  • JPEG has integrated EXIF support for storing metadata
  • Allows you to adjust the quality level of the saved image
  • Compatibility and proper display on all computers, tablets and mobile devices

JPG Disadvantages

  • Does not support transparency. In the case of drawing templates, logos, buttons - this is critical
  • Less suitable for working with texts or monochrome graphic images with clear borders
  • It is not recommended to edit and / or save the file restored after compression - each such step degrades the image quality