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What is WebP format

Surely you began to notice that recently when saving images from websites, it often has a new strange format - .webp. And to open this picture is obtained only through the browser. What is this new format and why is it used instead of the usual jpg (jpeg), png and gif.

This format was developed by Google, and quite a while ago - in 2010, but only in 2018 it began to be widely used. Google is actively promoting WebP and at the moment it is supported by a very large number of browsers.

This format provides lossy and lossless image compression. WebP maintains the same quality with a smaller image size: with lossy compression, the size will be on average 30% smaller than in JPEG, and lossless on average 25% smaller than PNG.

WebP combines all the advantages of PNG, JPEG and GIF, supports transparency and animation. Also, according to some reports, Google gives preference to sites that use WebP. Switching to a new format can have a positive effect on the SEO of your website.

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What is PNG format

PNG is a popular raster graphic file format on the Internet that uses lossless compression technology. Since October 1, 1996, it exists as a full-fledged graphic format supported by all browsers and graphic editors.

The PNG format was created in response to the limitations of the GIF format, primarily to increase color support and provide an image format without a patent license. The Deflate compression algorithm developed for PNG files reduces the size of the saved image without losing the quality of the final image. Each PNG image contains a palette - a set of colors used.

You can open PNG files using any image viewing software (including standard Windows applications), all modern Internet browsers, as well as vector and raster graphic editors. We can say that the only drawback of PNG was the inability to save several images in one file, which does not allow using this technology to create animated pictures.

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WebP Advantages

  • WebP Compresses Lossless Images 26% Better Than PNG
  • WebP compresses lossy images better than JPEG by 25-34%
  • Combines all the benefits of PNG, JPEG and GIF, supports transparency and animation
  • WebP supports lossless transparency (known as alpha) with a size increase of only 22%

WebP Disadvantages

  • Not all browsers support the format
  • Pixel graphics may lose some colors
  • Lossy compression may look flat
  • People’s faces may look plastic or posterized with a low quality setting
  • To use on your site, you need to configure a fallback image

PNG Advantages

  • The ability to compress a file with little or no loss at all. The picture maintains its original quality regardless of the compression intensity
  • The ability to save an object as much as you like during work, and then modify it again. Original quality does not change
  • Support alpha channel. This feature allows you to smoothly combine the image with the background due to reduced transparency
  • Ability to create and combine layers

PNG Disadvantages

  • Lack of animation mode
  • Difficulties working with full-color image types
  • Inability to save several drawings in one file at once
  • Large file size for complex realistic images